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Clinic Assistants Training Course "CAT"

CAT - Winter Course February/March 2021

Course Description: This primary care course is designed on the evidence-based medicine by using standardized patients cases to provide the students by general healthcare professional education as primary care providers. Students with “previous international medical background” who will be selected to join this course will learn to identify, analyze, and interpretate common and critical clinical presentations to provide the prompt care effectively and efficiently.. This course is an integrative course which focuses on patients interaction, gathering patients history, physical examination, laboratory requisition to achieve the proper working diagnosis and/or deferential diagnosis The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (Primary Care OSCE II and III) is a part of the evaluation of this course.

CAT Summer Course 2021 Registration

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Clinic Assistant Training

Course Code


Times & Location

July/August 2021

Balsam Clinic Educational Center

230 Victoria St. AMG Building, London ON N6A 2C2

Course Coordinator

Dr. Mohamed Omar, Mbbch, MS, ND