Balsam Clinic London Ontario

Lack of Vitality

Waning of libido is one of the most common issues related to the aging process. It is one of manifestations of menopause in women and andropause in men. In fact, older women may have sex less often than when they were younger, but apparently, researchers found that sexual satisfaction improved with woman’s age. Some negative factors like depression, chronic pain and vaginal dryness may interrupt this sexual satisfaction.

On the other hand, older men may suffer from decreasing level of free testosterone which affects their libido. Moreover, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and depression play a major role as an underlying cause of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. In the most of ED cases, we will find mixed root-causes of this problem, which need special holistic approach to be solved.

Here in Balsam Clinic, we provide integrative therapeutic tools for managing waning of libido, ED and other aging related vitality problems for both women and men, to improve our customers’ lifestyle to the level they deserve.

Cognitive Issues

Cognitive health is focused on a person’s ability to think, learn and remember. The most common cognitive health issue facing the elderly is dementia , the loss of those cognitive functions. Approximately 50 million people worldwide have dementia—a number that is expected to be 3 folds in size by 2050.

In Balsam Clinic, we designed a cognitive health program which help elderly people to monitor their cognitive brain functions on a monthly base and provide specific botanical and nutritional supplements that may help in brain fitness. Moreover, we guide our costumers for modifying their lifestyle for better performance.

Weak Immunity

One of the most recognized consequences of aging is a decline in immune function. . As a result, elderly individuals do not respond to immune challenge as robustly as the young. Pneumonia and influenza are among the top 10 causes of death in individuals aged 65 and older. Signs of infection in older adults can be nonspecific and include falls, delirium, anorexia, or generalized weakness.

The ultimate goal of “Balsam Clinic Aging Program” is to use the best information to develop strategies to stimulate immunity in the elderly. We believe that the ability healing power of nature to activate the immunity system in the elderly is possible, and suggest that such naturopathic interventions could be administered to a large cohort of individuals. In this program, Balsam Clinic offers integrated modalities to boost your immunity through lifestyle modifications and specialized natural supplements.