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Fatigue vs Stress Dilemma – how to treat naturally without medications


Balsam Clinic presents the first of many seminars about one of the most asked about dilemmas we face in our every day lives. For this seminar, Dr. Omar talks about fatigue and stress. Dr. Omar is an integrative naturopathic doctor based in Ontario, Canada. He discusses how to identify the root causes, symptoms, and how to manage your fatigue and stress through lifestyle modification and simple and natural remedies.

And more discussion about the impact of stress hormones, nutritional deficits, sleep disorder and unhealthy lifestyle on your energy level and how to improve it.

In this video you will get fantastic tips on:
– How to use nutrition, vitamins and minerals to prevent and treat your fatigue and stress
– Does meditation have a real effect to boost your energy?
– What is the best time for the physical exercises to manage your stress and fatigue?
– The value of Chinese herbs in boosting your energy and relieving your stress
– Acupuncture has an important role in management of both fatigue and stress
– Cupping: The new era in treatment of fatigue and stress; How does it work?

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    1. Thank you Shona and wait for the next article about the natural immunity next week!

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